Friday, June 3, 2016


It was early morning when the sun was just up. She couldn’t sleep the entire night. She twisted and turned but nothing could set it right.

She woke up only to see his back towards her. Sorry she was and felt the sudden gush of blood in her heart. She was pounding. It was important to tell him. Time has come now, she thought.
And when she saw him half awake, she calmly whispered – I’m sorry.

It was late afternoon when she opened her eyes to find herself lying beside him. Tears rolled down her cheeks .She went up to grasp him in her arms and hug him tight.

She pulled him close to her breast and pressed a kiss on his forehead. She could feel his cold blood.

She wrapped him in a closed box.

"You were my only love. My only ray of hope in life. I could dwell on you for my lifetime. Till me last breath.
But I had to tell you this. I had to tell you that I am a mother of a terrorist, a man who took lives, killed people and destroyed families who had done no wrong.
I had to tell you this. I had to kill you. You might be my son but you are more of a danger to the world.

Let me give me you peace. Peace for life! "