Thursday, July 17, 2014

A guy of his own creed.

A few things in life are always reserved for something specific... Like we say men are for earning and woman are for cooking. Irrespective of how the generation is leading to new dimensions bridging the gap between the two genders , certain things suits only to for whom they are made.

A man who hates cricket, and loves watching " yeh rishta kya kehlata hai".

Who would deny playing football just to prepare macroni and bake a cake.

To sit and chit with neighbourhood aunties, he would agree not to move out with friends.

Who would love peeling potatoes instead of a bike ride.

Pretending to be a man, who would dance in a sangeet on " choli k peeche kya hai".

A man who would all the brands of all makeup accessories and not knowing how to shave.

One who loves being shopaholic than riding bike.

All I can say to him is: " Salute".

Friday, July 11, 2014

A poem very close to my heart...


I won't mind being with you,
If you show me your love.
I won't mind walking beside you,
if you hold my hands forever.
I won't mind resting in your embrace,
If you ensconce me with care.
I won't conceal any truth from you,
If you trust me to share.

By revealing these emotions,
I just want to swear.
I'm always there for you,
In all your blues and cheer.
Many times i saw,
you sailing on your own.
Should I be in the same,
Would you leave me alone?

If your reply is no,
Then how you expect ever.
To step me back & leave you,
In middle of nowhere.
So share every moment of life,
To feel its vitality.
As i won't mind loving you ever,
If you promise to be with me,
Till Eternity...


Ten Questions of my Ask List

A few questions that I always wished to ask god whenever I encounter with him. 

1. Why have you given women this architecture leaving the opposite gender to stare, caw and comment on its size and shape.
2. Why only women have to grow up with
Painful feminity cycle that leaves them with rothful pain and chiweness.
3. Why only we have to grow our hairs, thread our eyebrows, upperlips and wax our armpits.
4. Why the boys family will come to see a girl and she has to carry a serving tray. It could have been the opposite.
5. Why only we have to leave our parents and move to a new family.
6.Why only a girl gets pregnant and bear all the pain for complete 9 months.
7. Why is it only we who have to be covered in the utmost sheer summer while the boys can roam about in their least clothes.
8.Why words like limitations, shyness, controlled,  are made for we girls.
9. Why is it we can't roam anywhere, anytime without fear and tension.
10. Why a woman is expected to accept all the cultures, put a sindoor and wear a mangalsutra. Do men don't need symbol of their marriage?

We question it or even if we don't ... It remains in the heart of all Women.