Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Journey of Ambivalence


Trains are always an exciting journey. One has so much to see , learn and explore. Most importantly the diversity of human exploration that we come across.

One such interesting and happening  journey was while I was returning from mumbai to Hyderabad.

I was travelling in a sleeper class and was 5 hours away from my destination. A station named Gulbarga arrived and a rush of passengers thrust into my coach.

This sudden rush enthralled all the passengers who were already in the train. People started looking everywhere for eve a bit of place place their bum  and it altogether was an obnoxious yet hilarious situation.

I cunningly thought that i would keep sleeping or atleast spread my legs so that nobody grabs on my seat. And if that's possible! hah!

A little girl came up addressing me "didi can I sit here." The word didi  melted my heart and i folded my legs back to let her sit.

She seemed to be a 15 year old girl  dressed up in her school uniform and hair neatly pleated with oil and red ribbon.   Along with her came a young lady in a violet sari and both of them adjusted themselves on my seat.

I was occupied  in my own thoughts when the lady asked me "where are you travelling to?" and that's was the start of a remarkable conversation.

"Hyderabad! was my answer along with a question why there's so much sudden rush of people in the train from this station? which station is this?"

She smiled and answered that it was Gulbarga station (I had never heard the name of this place before) and it has many good schools and colleges. People from nearby town and cities travel here to study and teach. Today their usual local train was too late and thus all the passengers had to board the express train .

I was taken aback for a moment. How come this small place be booming with such good education.

"I am doing masters from a college here. " said the lady . Oh! i thought you must be teaching ! was my answer.

She burst into laughter and asked " Do you study in Hyderabad? " .  Now it was my time to laugh .

I told her that I work for an IT organization there. On her further inquiry I told her that I have done engineering.

After hearing this the little girl got excited. She started overflowing me with bunch of questions. I answered all of them. I could instigate the bubbling energy in her and then her single remark put me to thoughts. "You know didi i want to become like you one day!" I was left speechless.

I was one of the common engineers from the bunch of millions that are produced in our country every year. Yes we are produced - Sacks of engineers and are stamped as a brand of our college or university!!

She was explaining to the other lady how difficult her life was being the elder child of the family. I was keenly listening to her blabber and was getting engrossed into it more and more.

She being from a small village , education was not something very common among them. She had the responsibility of cooking, taking care of her younger siblings  , looking after the household chores and part from that she managed her education.

People have their own share of difficulties and thorns in life but one such person thriving with difficulties of life to arrange bed of roses fro themselves is truly commendable.

I thought i haven't done anything great to be an ideal for that little champ and then I realized the importance of doing something not only for myself but to encourage those thousands to youngsters that follow the youth like us.

It's our duty to engrave a path for them. To nurture them by our actions . I understood that every next generation grows with the seeds of the present one and it's important to bow the seeds in the correct manner.

I hope the girl who opened a new chapter in my life , shall achieve whatever she wishes in Life! Here I dedicate this page to her.

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