Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"Boats are much safer on the riverside but they are surely not meant for that."

"Life" is no less than a dramatic movie - if you don't like it just forward it!.. Well this is what i said to one of my juniors who came to me weeping and her eyes were almost drenched with the tears of her sorrow which almost gave her a scuzzy look.
I was in my deepest slumber and some  sudden noise pinched into my ears when i realized it was a knock on my door. As i went towards my door there was a cold shiver through my nerves and the moment i turned the door knob she ran to my arms. Something which i really believe is  ("God never promised that life would be easier but it will be worth it") . Life of a woman is never easy, known for being very soft and sentimental and  her sacrificing aura has been seen since ages and i need not honour them again. She is one of my closest junior rather just like my little sister. Bold and Ambitious are enough to describe her. To my knowledge she always faced all the challenges and sailed through her boat..One who always preferred to swim alone through the violent waves and never let the life sink.
Life always takes you through innumerable phases where one needs to be pragmatic while at heart its always about being hilarious and deliverent. That day something just broke her inner side and she couldn't sail anymore...the worldly criticism surpassed all her bravery.
  When i again look back to the very day only one word encircles my mind  -"sleep".
U should not be taken aback if i say that she slept in my room for continuous 48 hours.  And when she woke up, she did it with a reverie. Her idea of life changed and to my surprise i saw a much more brave ,young lady in front of me. She did not loose her hope even when worst things encountered her.What made her so strong is not known to me till date but yes it was incumbent on me to get her to normal easy going life which i somehow managed to do. Today she is one of the leading student at my college as worthy as a gem stone!
                                     A bed of roses will always be thorny but you will surely love if you willingly challenge those thorns. A real hero is one whose has the courage to overcome the challenges of life. One cannot fly in the air if he has not tasted the ground. Rise and take challenges ...Face whatever comes your way and the small hurdles should not let you stop for "Boats are much safer on the riverside but they are surely  not meant for that."