Thursday, April 12, 2012



                                           Sometime you might have bite it, and rest of the times it bites you.
The first one doesn't concerns me and neither will i extol it but if the second then it does but yes definitely i would love to (pry) on the first on your account.

LOVE- the heart of everyone's life(isn't it?).I wont say that to understand the fervorness,you have to fall in love but definitely have to have a heart.
people often say he who is in love is a dolt, but for them it may be a paradise.
  Love should be preen and refined. The couples should have deep respect for each other , it is a self-contained feeling which also completes you.
It is no less than a tonic that rejuvenates you and the world then lies in his/her arms and you are keen to be with him/her, and live each moment of your life.
The zeal to wait for that single vigorous, pious kiss with your beloved is in itself a voluptuous feeling and finally the day comes when you share a love bite.
Love is now at its highest verve and the only important thing in life is he/she. My morning starts with his voice and nights ends in his arms. By the time one now gets whimsical and see rainbows in sunny weather and his face in paneer balls.....................
 Is love so prominent and everlasting??( yes for some and no for most). There are no discounts on love. For some now realize that her/his feelings were phoney, some turn out to be cheaters, break-ups, tears, pains,suffering and what not! ( reasons may include a new chick, turning out to be a gay, a richie-rich or he din't give me enough gifts bla bla..).
However you try to repel the truth but again you landed on the same surface - LOVE BITES though in an opposite sense this time(and you may not be sharing this).
Now love has started biting you and the feeling of togetherness turned blue.(hona hi tha)!
Sleepless nights is what probably one ends on(i'm excluding the ones who got themselves a new bf/gf), those longs chats, midnight romance,lavish dates, celebrations and all those  special moments of love under the tree, nevertheless will trap you in its web. Some will still excel in life (bravo!),  one still trying to cope up with life, many are lucky to patch up but few will shatter. Its for them- Love is not the ultimate thing in life
(for all those who have and have not been in love)....

We are hearing love stories since eons(not the famous heer- ranjha and romeo-juliet ones but get to the practical ones which you must have heard your neighbours gossiping around)
and the lovers flouting the religion inclined society which then most of the times inflicts their lives and in some cases leads to lethal(some do this on their own wish as well).
I know it is difficult to bear the pain of separation from your loved ones but what i want to heed here is------
                      DO NOT inculcate anything form this often repeated, incessant,inane custom. let it not be a paradigm for you.Let love be a pure expression of feeling at heart. Fight if you can else the memories spent with your beloved are enough to live life.
Make yourself true to your love not by harming yourself but just living for his/her memories, to cherish that everlasting real love, just to keep the single promise that you made to him/her that i will live for you always...                        
Your love story need no milestones, neither it has to be a remarkable or a famous one, just a real love story will do.