Tuesday, July 2, 2013


From black cherry blossom to high heels, from those lame poems to honey singh ragas, from those school uniform to dresses.... It takes a little while to compare these but we have impalpable memories attached to these words. 

 prying on the most elicit and kindling topic the stroll of college life.  All and each one of us if mesmerize we will agree to the jure that school/college life are the best phases of our 

LIFE! The fevorness and charmism of youngsters from senior school to college agendas are a never ending gabs.  Sincere dolts we were when first entered the college with tears rolling down our cheeks and that fear inside our hearts with the pre conceived notions about being a fresher in college life and going away from home. Each tear falling down has its own stand for the innocent conflicting emotions flowing from heart. But here we make a fullstop. What you find in and around is remarkable. Within no time this new life seems 
paradise to us and we are all engrossed in the new world. No wonder the pain of going away from home has suddenly turned into love blues of  *closed ones*. Well we all know who these closed ones are meant to be. ;) . We no more care about who we were and the fears all fly away from window all new zeal  is  knocking the door. 
Friendship, Love , Fights , Breakups, Joy, fun , zeal and enthusiasm all encircle us with time and par. Lectures are boring and subjects are sleeping pills and classes .. Ah i just go to 
see her/him or just skip it for a movie with her/him. . Who the hell is concerned about learning... Libraries are a wooing scenario and books are the best excuses have an irresistible private meeting. (pata nai kya kaya karte hai kitaboon  ki aad mein).. Lunch breaks spent in cafeteria and holding umbrellas for him/her to bestow that little shade of love. We all take that little extra effort to bring up the prominent and everlasting relationships/relationshits(whatsoever is in your pocket) of our life. 
Take some rest jerks! 
on a serious note some work really hard throughout, albeit, how hard life may push them they never fail to live upto their own expectations and success. Life is full of challenges and they undoubtedly no matter swim alone to achieve that sheer pious bit of success and reward and aim for the firmament.
 we grow , we learn new things, make and break umpteen rules and refine our self contained, voluptuous feelings and desires to make our world beautiful.. Meanwhile we  fight, judge , dominate , rule, even throw some people out of our live  for whatever the reason may be perhaps we all envique to finge our own privacy and avid needs. Breakups will be more often but reliable relations have already dug up their deep hearts..Facebook status changes innumerable times from committed to complicated to single forming a cycle.

A step towards the next level of maturity fill us when we grow older. New streams of obligations, pressure, exams , semesters, campuses, marriages, future and life are been prioritized and "categorized". (JUNK!).
Zeal is at the maximum and we desire to do something that makes a difference in the world. We all are in witty mood by now and fun , thrill , enjoyment are above paradigm. 
Parties, fests, cultures, tinkling teeth, overnight jabbers have all made us love the place and get eternally attached to each other. 
We have now met what is called a REAL LIFE and not a REEL LIFE. Time flies so quickly that we hardly sense that finally time has come when we are about to leave the beautiful age en-carved with rich and vivid memories. We are set back with the same tears rolling down our cheeks but this time the reason is going back to home.we no more want to leave this place. To bid goodbye isn't regarding and pleasing. Its heart breaking!.It leaves behind some deep carves, inside our heart that some way touches to our soul. 

The only thing anyone left with is "Memories", its sweet and sour enchanting echoes always engulfs us. No wonder its a prized possession , a wonderful and enriching journey with innumerable experiences. Friends, love, foes, teachers, all have played a vital role to make us what we are today. Everyone/everything will be missed to the core.. The autographed dresses, felicitation, rewards and the peak enjoyment will become an integral memory now!
To all my dear ones who(after reading the epilogue) feel that they have crossed the same beautiful phase. 
Let not the ink fade and memories die!