Friday, July 26, 2013

Pocket Pop's For E LITMUS Exam.

 Elitmus is very conceptualized examination for assessment and recruitment for freshers. Critically speaking
there is not all all any hard and fast rule to win over this exam.  But a few strategy preparation can really let you achieve a very good and high percentile/score. The syllabus is quantitative aptitude, data interpretation and logical reasoning and verbal and non verbal ability. The fees is rs 750/-.

Note 1:  Prepare very well for verbal and non verbal analytic's  as this is the most scoring part , easy to attempt if you have command on English. This section can fetch you competence percentile not only in the section cutoff but also overall.

Note 2:  Prepare yourself as best as you can for problem solving section and quantitative section.  Even if you attempt 50% in both section you will fetch a very very good percentile.

Note 3:  The most endangering part of any examination is negative marking... Now here comes a strategy.. Elitmus has a very different negative marking system..  you will not be marked negative for the 25% of your attempt.  To elucidate this: suppose you have attempted 32 question in all and 25% of it means 8 question will not be marked for negative marking even if they are wrong...  Bingo!

so what you need to do is attempt all that you are cent percent sure of! and for the rest 25% you can take a good risk of trial but not a blind throw! try to analyse the best option for trail and then mark it. Don't just go for inky pinky and ponky!

Note 3 :  An extra negative attempt might cause your good percentile score to encroach. so dont bluff yourself with blind answers. Remove the concept of less attempt from your mind! only be concerned about what you attempt is right. 50% right attempt will fetch you a percentile of  around 89% -  94% .

Note 4:  Try attempting all the questions from verbal section and at-most you can from the rest two sections.

Note 5 : Some questions atleast 3 or 4 of them in the quantitative section can be easily solved but putting raw values into it or putting the answers.  So try it out! Especially questions of numbers, series etc.

Note 6 : Best books for preparation is ARUN SHARMA for all three sections. It is not at all a bad idea to be above level than lacking in it! :):)

Note 7: You can practice a handful of questions from m4maths - placement puzzels- ELIT. Here you get genuine questions of Elitmus. Almost more than half are fake but these questions are real.

Hope this piece of information will help you to prepare well for Elitmus. For any further query or inquest or details or if you can suggest or add something to this pls reply back and make this post as beneficial as possible!

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