Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Cacophony of a lost friendship - and that's how nostalgia surrounded me...

You were gone... and without even letting me know. Not less than a hundred's of call's and umpteen text i dropped for you but you were stubborn enough to pull yourself away. I was completely appalled that you did it!  Its was just a few days back when i remember that we the three musketeers hanging at my place chit chating, laughing out loud and you gramping some college wale tales to us..

An unreasonable depart and then neva looking back to your so called best buddies... The only questionare still urges the undefined pain somewhere in the corners of heart is what made you decide to leave us??? what sudden realization let you break the everlasting bond between us and the reason behind your boorish behavior.. and that you walked away like this??? Do you even know the ramifications of your decision?? oh! you don't them perhaps.

I burried these thoughts long back but the recent photographs that fell off my old files while juggling with my papers a sudden vibe  ruptured my hidden nerve that some year back belonged to your so called friendship.... a desire  arose to kick you and ask you why??? why??? why??why??? and  only why???

It is not at all true that few stupid droplets of water oozed out of my eyes... yeah not out of ecstasy while seeing old memorable pics but due some unanswered questions...that lay on your part...
I eventually missed the coffee adda, your leadership, your makeup tips, your anger, your attitude , your coolest crazy ideas and of most your love.. your care and your supportive shoulder! our exuberant activities... eating chaat, samosa, dosa and gola's at the school and yeah that gopala gopala hymn  round and round during recess and last day scooty ride with you ! I remember them all! Unlike you.

True friends are forever and you were not true! Now that we two are still together i'm glad that you are not with us anymore..  

Perhaps you were too acquiescent and deluded yourself for some junkyard fellows... I am pretty sure that on or off lately you must be regretting somewhere for loosing us and willing  to get in re-touch!

Let me tell you, i remember the day very well when i even went to your home to talk to you with an excuse to return your books.. and you happened to open the door.. snatched the books and shut back! i could only aww with amazement..  This was far worst than something called RIDICULOUS!

Girl! the world is round.. some day you will meet us.. on the road or in the mall and then we will pass by you unknowingly..
Some day you will have to answer why you broke friendship with us without even giving us a single reason and infact without even letting us know that you probably did it! Be ready for it!

P.S - Its a  piece of story of three great friends out of which one left the other two without telling them. She never turned around to them, never received even a single of their calls ,  neither replied to their texts. The other two are still waiting today to get an answer from ask her why did she actually cheated upon her friends and the ones for whom she did so! 

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