Friday, July 11, 2014

A poem very close to my heart...


I won't mind being with you,
If you show me your love.
I won't mind walking beside you,
if you hold my hands forever.
I won't mind resting in your embrace,
If you ensconce me with care.
I won't conceal any truth from you,
If you trust me to share.

By revealing these emotions,
I just want to swear.
I'm always there for you,
In all your blues and cheer.
Many times i saw,
you sailing on your own.
Should I be in the same,
Would you leave me alone?

If your reply is no,
Then how you expect ever.
To step me back & leave you,
In middle of nowhere.
So share every moment of life,
To feel its vitality.
As i won't mind loving you ever,
If you promise to be with me,
Till Eternity...