Thursday, September 5, 2013

My Teachers! Only For You!

Its great to be an Engineer, a Doctor, a Painter , an Architect or any professional. But the greatest thing in the world is being a TEACHER!
Nobody is born intellect. The process of growing up into what we are today takes a a lot of learning,and guidance. "Teachers are our second parent".
They are like a candle, who burn themselves to enlighten us. Hours, days, weeks and years they all bestow upon us no matter who and how we are.  They hold onto a special inspiration and a special joy in our life which is called "teaching". They stimulate us from being ordinary to extraordinary! , making us successful in life and creating our own image. They make us Winners and stand  by us when we fail. They are so patient and calm! They actually put their heart out in making an effort to make us something more than just being Humans. That's how they make a difference in our Life! Impalpable!
Our Teachers are those precious potters who nurtured and shaped us when we were raw and transformed us into a beautiful pot. Each phase of Life has given us umpteen teachers who created an everlasting  impact on us but some are really really close to our heart.Here's a small tribute to them.
Let me  begin in the descending order:


Biplab Sir: -  He is one of the unique mentor and i feel blessed to be his student. He has inspired me throughout . His enthusiasm, hard work, concern for all of us is immeasurable. I can never forget his exuberant attitude towards life. His sense of  living his obligations and duty in the most dynamic manner is so much inspiring.  From Software engineering to E-commerce, from 6th sem ppt to final year project, what you have done for us is priceless. Learn't a lot from you sir. I owe you many many things in Life. Thank you for giving me all those valuable teaching and guidance, they are my  possessions that i couldn't have acquired otherwise.

Amartya sir:-  My Java and Mobile com. teacher! well sir that not the only definition for you. You have been a constant motivation for me. We all admired your way of teaching. I still get back to those Java lab classes where we used to put our life out just to compile those tiny codes. I remember you helpful you were during the exams. You know i have still preserved my Java notebook. Whatever i write here will be less to tell you what impact you have made on our lives. Thanku so much sir!

Zahir sir:- Oh! i'm talking about the most friendly teacher of my entire life. Tall and Handsome,  he always held that killing smile no matter how much chaos we used to be in class. He is the coolest yet a terrific teacher. Sab students ke Laadle hain!Yeah! all the students must be remembering their Lab exams ?? yaad hai sir? kitni mast lab exam lete the aap. Miss you sir!

Gayatri mam, Sharda mam , K.usha mam - You all have been a great inspiration. They way you have trusted on my talents, encouraged me to blossom and get better each day. Wether it was physics, ADIS, OS or DBMS, i could well command myself in all these subjects only because you teachers made me believe that i was capable of doing so. Thanku so much for always being there. Love you all!

My School Teachers:

Balaka Mam: She is the one who has nurtured my life to a great extent. I still remember her saying that "preeti , i know you can do it"! This belief of hers always incited me to do new things which was never my region. Her subtle aura and soothing presence was enough to create a challenging environment around me. Even after school i use to hear her praising me. Awww mam that's really the best thing a student can achieve. Thanku so much for making my Life!

Clara Miss: -  Mam, where are you?? its been so long had no touch with you. I wanted to wish you a very happy teachers day and tell you that i'm an engineer today! you may be too far today, but i believe i will meet you someday. You have been my most favorite teacher since childhood. I  still remember you three fold style of dupatta, polished nails and your best friend monika mam. You have taught me so many things in life and believe me i still follow some of them. A very happy teachers day to you!

My Tutors and Trainers: - 

Ravi sir and B.G.System mam : - My  two computer teachers. The one's because who i'm and IT engineer today. They have developed the maniac interest for programming in me. I remember both Mam and sir (in school and tution) used to encourage me to be the fastest coder. Honestly because of these two I could reach here today. They have been my inspiration for pursuing computer studies as my career. Thanku would be too less to both of you!

Chalil sir, Pradeep sir, Santu sir - My English teacher, ASP.NET Trainer, Networking Trainer (resp.) -  I cannot really thank them in words. Each of them has given a great contribution in shaping my life, for believing on those qualities that i really developed after they all came in my life as my teachers. Its a pleasure to be your student anyday anytime dear sir's!

Sharda didi - Yes she is the last one in my list but the most special one. she is my first teacher. I really get nostalgic whenever i think about her. I remember how we used to wish her by saying namaste didi !( :) ) Didi, you have played the greatest role in my life! Without you it would have never been possible to be where i'm today! Your tutions were the best in the country! i can bet on that! i miss you a lot.  A very happy teachers day to you!

There are still many many whom i want to gesture on this special day. I thank all the teachers who have been in my life for giving their valuable and precious part of time to me.

This is just a small effort to wish you loud today, give a tribute,a  gift to you, making your day really really special  and wishing that i'll always be blessed with teachers like you in my entire life.
A BIG Thank You to ALL of you!