Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Little Brown Teddy

It was an Amazing night that i still recall. my first beach visit. Delicious pani puri's, and high waves created a pleasure aura around me.

well, we all love surprises. Don't we??

Suddenly i saw it, far and faddy. Sooner it came nearer and my smile grew broader and broader . I ran on my finest to grab it.. To take a better glance of it.

My first words were - "wow" I love you; readily grabbing him to hug and hold him tight. It was too long that i waited to meet him and i finally met him that day.

Yes, I'm talking about my most precious gift - the little brown teddy. I foil into emotions when i remember this glorious day. What could be best than getting your most desirable gift at a  beautiful beach place.

Truly Loving !!!

Now the teddy has become my life. I hold it every night while i sleep. I talk to it when i miss something in life.  I love him like i have never loved anything before.

A gift to treasure lifetime. The little brown teddy. !!  

And with the narration of this incident two roommates became lifetime friends...