Sunday, May 18, 2014


Tired with my desires, 

I went on a beach to get some peace
the sun was setting 
the shore giving me the cool breeze. 

I paused and thought
trying to revive
from life what did i got. 

Oh! the answer was pretty unknown 
the sun said come i will show you
and then i was completely blown.

It said:

 "You have vision to see colors
you can see flowers blossom
see that blind there who only blurs

You can breathe and still sighed
you live and view the world
see the dead body there who was just born and  died.

You hear the ringing bells
sing a song and blabber around
see the deaf in the corner who can't spell.

You are wearing this shining dress
matched it with gleamy  shoes and pearls
see the poor  lady beside who even for a rag ,everyday begs.

You will eat Chinese
you will eat Italian
see that hungry child who din't had meals.

I rise up every morning
I set every evening
there's no change i see
and people keep yearning.

When i go , i hope to come with a new range
but sadly i have to say
even the moon has no story of change.

When you feel you have less
think of this conversation
and you will realize that you are the most blessed".

I got my answer 
I was at peace AGAIN,

If you are reading this 
you must have known 
that the sun simply said, 

Life is not for BARGAIN!!