Saturday, June 7, 2014

I am Grown up Mumma and Daddy ..

Some times even small incidents in life shows us the mirror of that Past which we often forget to realize when we are grown ups and independent.

One such weensy incident that took me to my deeper quondam was Saturday morning when i was feeling slothful like insey-bensey when i woke up.

I went on to the nearby South Indian thelle wala to buy my breakfast. The thelle wala bhaiya while packing my food spill over that nariyal wali chutney on my lovely grey bellies..

Fish!! I thought , again he added kharcha to my Budget. Now i have to buy a new pair of bellies. (Yes  know, i have many pair of other shoes but they are of different styles..  :P )

I paced back home and a childhood memoir clicked to me when daddy use to buy shoes for me.. What followed was a interminable encounter with my mind and a chronic lull in my heart.

When i was small , my shoes got mangled , i asked you Daddy to bring a new one the very next day and you forgot. I cried , i shouted and i frowned. You took me to market the very next moment and made me smile.

Today when i am grown up , once again my shoes got mangled, i asked myself to bring a new one and before i could  answer , My pocket replied NO!! My wallet said I am empty this month. 
No one was there to take me to market. I had no smile.

When i was small, i had umpteen dresses, when there was a party Mumma,i thought they all were old and asked you to bring me new dress. You denied at first , but i was stubborn enough to get it from you. 

Today when i had  a party at my office, i thought of buying a gorgeous dress. I checked my diary , it said you are already Over budget. I closed it and rather decided to wear an old dress. (well old is gold i explained myself)

When i was a kid, Oh! Daddy,  i asked you for so many chocolates. You brought them everyday. 
Now that i'm earning today , i'd rather buy chocolates to save some penny. 

When i was a kid , Oh ! Mumma, you always made delicious  food and still i said :  It could have been better. 
Now that i make food myself, I say : what i made is so delicious, even if it's the worst on earth. 

Many a times Daddy , i fought with you, lied to you ,  always took extra pocket money and compared it with my friends. You gave me more money without a second  thought. 

Today i earn equally as my friends, still want to spend less than them. I have money but don't want to loose it.

There were times Mumma when i bothered you to take me to shopping marts or to restaurants or for vacations than local markets or food plaza's. I wonder you agreed to my every erroneous prompting demands by holding down your trip. 

Today i have Huge Shopping centers's, attractive restaurants around me still i prefer shopping at local street and eating and food stall.   

I remember asking you to take me everywhere in your car , and how i hated to travel in buses and rickshaws.
Today i have all the money to buy a car, still i travel by bus and in auto rickshaws.

Time has changed so much. I am grown up today and earn a lot.i never find you demanding anything from me. Even if i call up to ask if you need anything, you simply say " I have everything! "

It's very little that i mentioned. Our parents' bear all the pain just to bring that smile on our face, to fulfill all our demands, to nurture us well. They give up their life , they sacrifice their dreams and even they restrict their desires to fulfill ours'.

When we grow,  we don't forget them but we don't realize the intensity of sacrifices they have done for us.
They worked hard day and night, they were weary still worked to bring us the best bread.

It's time to give them back their time, their rest,  their desires, their dreams and let them live life back.

They changed not only their lifestyle, but entire life for us and today we want to live life our way.

It may be a late realization but still i'm early than many. We all owe to our parents'. Promise to give them back.
 We can't repay  but surely we can bring back their life which was lost somewhere to give us a better life.